I quickly learned that Massage
and other Alternative Modalities
can have life-changing outcomes.

Let me share with you my journey on how I arrived at a career as a human and equine massage therapist. Prior to embracing the healing and therapeutic modality of massage, my career was one of intensity and at times extremely volatile. Having worked in the Criminal Justice system I held a variety of positions during which I learned that a person’s emotional state easily translates into body language. The outcome was commonly one of negative or violent behavior.

Unlike many, my career change decision was made for me. This happened when a car took an illegal left turn across double yellow lines and directly into my lane of travel as I was riding my Harley. My petite 6’7” frame flew over the car and about 30 feet down the street.

From first hand experience, I quickly learned that Massage and other Alternative Modalities can have dynamic and often life changing outcomes. You are probably wondering, what is the common ground that these two diverse career paths share? The criminal justice environment and the world of massage both share the need to understand the body language associated with behaviors presented. My intuitive insights have regularly paid off when assessing the needs of my human and equine clients. Both have their own language when expressing discomfort and pain resulting from injury or over worked muscle groups.

Robert Roffman - Performance Equine MassageWhat separates me from my peers is not only my first hand experience of recovering from a traumatic injury, but my advanced certification in Medical Massage for my human practice. I have been dedicated to helping people manage their physical challenges, which more often than not include pain and range of motion issues. These skills are easily transferable when I deal with my equine clients also. Due to the similar anatomy my advanced human massage training easily gives me the edge over other equine therapists.

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