His kind and caring ability
to work on horses is very apparent
from start to finish.

When I first met Bob at a workshop in Tryon, NC I was inspired by his natural connection with the horse, as well as the ease with which he picked up the principles of release that we were learning. This, in addition to compassion, commitment and a sense of humor, would lead me to recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to facilitate healing in their horse.

As a human I look forward to having him represent the Masterson Method.

As a horse, I’m sure I would make the same recommendation.
Jim Masterson
Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™
The Masterson Method™

I was extremely lucky to tag along with Bob during recent sessions with two horses. While I am familiar with energy and body work, I honestly had never been around horses before taking this trip. As we walked through the barn, the sound of the the horse's scruffs and neighs from their stalls actually made me feel a little intimidated. I soon realized that the scruffs were actually greetings from the horses because they recognized Bob's presence and were attempting to vie for his attention.

Bob's refined technique and ability to identify the imbalances and understand the needs of each horse reveal a skill that appears to be a secret language between him and the horse.

To witness the non-verbal communication between human and horse was very therapeutic for me just as a bystander. While I witnessed the physical tension releases and calm healing Bob’s therapy brought to the horses, I can only imagine that there must be positive changes brought onto their owners and trainers during these sessions as well.
Cece Stronach
Mr. Roffman was generous in inviting me to attend one of his NC sessions as an observer. I am a professional yoga teacher and studio owner, with a background in energy work, so his discussions about his work with performance horses had me interested because of the many parallels in our professions.

Witnessing the horses respond to his knowledgeable, intelligent, and therapeutic touch, watching them relax and release was a real testament to his skill. It was clear that the horses not only enjoyed, but appreciated the bodywork, as they melted and softened over the course of their therapy.

Following the non-verbal cues of tension release, Bob worked with the horses to follow meridians, muscle groups, and cranial-sacral points moving efficiently and mindfully with each animal so that their unique needs were being acknowledged and met. I could have sat and watched all day.
Maria Hallowell
I am pretty skeptical. Before I believe in something I have to see the evidence of my own eyes. So, when Dr. Marsha Severt of Brown Creek Equine told me that one of our horses would benefit from massage therapy, I thought "eh". Massage is one of those things I kind of thought was BS. Well, Bob Roffman of Performance Equine Bodywork came out Monday and worked on four of our horses.

I believe.

Every single horse showed marked improvement with issues that we have struggled with for awhile. And the horse that the vet had recommended for treatment was really impressive. I can wholeheartedly endorse Bob and his work. If you have anything from one sidedness, to lack of forwardness in addition to being so stiff they are off...call Bob. You will not be disappointed.
Renie Bolick
I just wanted to share with you guys an amazing experience I have had with Robert Roffman. He has some kind of magic touch that I can't explain! I recently bought a talented young TB and she began training to event with me. I could tell her mind was willing but something just wasn't clicking with her body over fences. After only 3 sessions with Robert, she is a completely different horse. Her jump is smooth, she uses her whole body over the fence, and she is bold and seeks out the fences.

Take the Roffman challenge!
Being a true horse lover from the word 'go' it has been challenging to find other true horse lovers! There have been those who are interested in being around horses, yet the real challenge comes to survive in the horse WORLD!  As I built my horse career I have seen many therapists come and go quickly. If you do not SEE results there will not be repeat business. With a chiropractic adjustment there are significant changes with the pain level and gate of most horses. The therapists in the past have never shown me changes as I have seen with Robert!

My performance horses are utilized to the top of their abilities, and I feel to keep them there at the top we use and need a team effort.

I must credit Robert, along with my great vet, with getting me qualified for the SRA finals again this year! We struggled all year fighting ulcers and then a couple falls. The second fall in August was one that my Vet called the "pasture maker!" He did what he could do, then I called Robert to do his magic! The next weekend we placed at both rodeos!! We were down to one more rodeo for the years end. We were sitting 13th and only the top 12 are qualified to compete at the finals in December. There was $208 separating 12 & 13. It was down to the very last rodeo of the year!!! Robert did his magic again and we won $209!!!!!! We are in, and will be competing at the finals!

Robert has continued to strive learning more techniques to keep more magic coming! My barrel horse holds a lot of tension in his upper neck, head and jaw so the cranial sacral technique has made a great difference in his cervical range of motion. I have found him more responsive and easier to flex.

I have found that Roberts’s therapy truly is a critical part of the teamwork required to keep a high-powered performance horse at the top of their game! Yet, the benefits are for any true horse owner looking for the BEST for their four-legged friend!

In Health,
Dr. Karla Christy Dagenhart DC
Bob’s first visit with my 17.3 OTTB/Percheon “Harvey” was on August 20, 2014. Harvey and I have just begun our first full month of dressage training. His tendency was to brace on the left rein and throw his left should out at any given chance, which seemed like always. After Bob’s first visit, my trainer rode Harvey the next day – and her comment was “OMG!!! Harvey’s like BUTTER on the left side!!” It was such a difference you could visually see it! But that presented us with a right side that was now ‘not as good’. I immediately emailed Bob and asked him when he was returning so that I could book an appointment. We just had our second visit this week – and YES, both sides are like butter! Harvey has never been so willing to hold a soft and steady contact. Simply amazing! Bob has begun the process of peeling back the layers, as he says. As with people, I believe that our horses compensate in other areas of their bodies to avoid where the true issues are. I cannot wait till Bob returns for another visit – I think we are finally getting to Harvey’s true areas of concern… stay tuned!
Rhonda Lockhart
I am the proud owner of a 35 to 40 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.We are not sure of his age because he has no papers. My veterinarian says that he is OVER 30 and estimates 35 to 40 because he has only twelve teeth left.

His name is Indy, I call him " Indy The Wonder Horse" and he has been doing amazingly well until about two months ago. He started acting different, was limping a little and was not eating well. Bob was recommended by a friend. I called my Veterinarian first before calling Bob and she said to try Bob's treatment and see what happened. She was also leaning towards founder as Indy's probably but we had not done X-Rays yet.

The day that Bob came to work on Indy I was dumbfounded. You see, I LOVE Indy but he doesn't like people too much and is a handful for the Vet. and for others when we try to do certain things with him, especially new things! Bob came into his stall, left the door open and started to touch Indy and he just stood there calmer than I have ever seen him with someone new. As Bob started to work on him I could see Indy relax which is something he NEVER DOES with strangers!! There were a few times when I thought he might fall down because he was so relaxed. I know that this horse has never been that relaxed in his very long life!

Bob worked with him for quite some time (which Indy thoroughly enjoyed) and surprisingly found very little wrong with his skeletal/ muscular systems. Because of that we were sure that it was founder. His Vet. came out two days later for X-Rays which confirmed that he had foundered but the most incredible part was how calm he was for her! She said SEVERAL TIMES " Bob really helped Indy" and she is not the type to say that unless it was fact.

We now have gel packs on him and Bob has been back to see him again. He is doing much better than any of us expected. I am still not sure that I understand exactly what Bob does but I know that the change in " The Wonder Horse" was incredible! Bob has helped Indy physically but he has helped him mentally more than I express in words.

I am so grateful, I love this old horse more than life itself and if he looses his quality of life I will do what is right. I thought that I was very close to having to make that difficult decision but with Bob's help we may have a lot more time together!
Norine Hooffstetter Helms
Zip and John just want to let you know that they feel so much better since your last visit. They are both so much more flexible and appear generally more comfortable. I was astounded by the range of motion in their hind legs after their sessions. They also are relaxing throughout their backs and extending their whole bodies well. At 17 and 21, they have their share of creaks; however, they are nearly quiet after you have worked your magic. I was considering hock injections for Zip and John was on monthly injections of Pentosan. After being on a regular schedule with you, John is now off his Pentosan, and I have been able to place the thought of hock injections for Zip on the back burner. With winter coming, I become especially worried about their aches and pains; luckily, you are on the job to help as the cooler temperatures arrive. Thank you so much for keeping my boys feeling young and for giving my worried mind some peace.
Jackie A. Staudt
Jewel may not be a high performance horse but she is everything to me. Knowing she feels good is just as important to me as to any rider. Today I finally got to take Jewel out for a ride. She had a swollen ankle that kept me from riding. Well, after a visit from you, she is feeling great! Almost too good! She bent to the right better than she ever has and had more energy than ever! I will admit it was close to dinner and she may have just wanted to get the ride over with, but she ran and ran. She has been relaxed and caught napping. She even ran and played with her buddy Maya, kicking up her heels like I rarely see. Thank you for coming out to see us
Amy D'Angelo
So, I for over a year now I had seen posts from Robert Roffman and I always put it in the back of my mind but I am soooooo weary of trying new people with my horse….. whether it's vets, farriers, or body work, it's hard to trust someone with my horse. So, I finally broke down as I took on a new horse a month ago and figured I'd give Robert a try.

First, the horses took to him really well. They were very comfortable with him, this last time spencer even was drinking water as he was working on him, after he used him as a scratching post for about 5 minutes straight. Robert's technique is very calming with cranial-sacral releases done before the tougher stuff. But, the real difference and the reason I will continue to use Robert was that even a month later he did not need as much work done. What Robert had done a month before had held and his "severe" spots, were now only "moderately and lightly" sore. So, after a day off I took him on a hack today and he was the most forward he has ever been. He was offering to trot and canter and felt great! We are working on a stifle issue and he normally is not willing to go forward and today was such a change. I am already scheduling "Bob" to come back out at the end of July and am so excited to have him as part of the team helping this OTTB feel better.

As a quick note, my eventer was worked on last month also by Robert and the next time I rode him his walk had improved so much that I kept looking around to see what was going on. He actually was willingly stepping under himself, and for those of you that know Ed, his walk is the worst! Well, Ed is on summer vacation now, so he didn't get worked on this time, but he will also be on the list next time to gear up for the fall competition season.
Carrie Dimon
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you have done to make Socrates feel better! I can't say that I wasn't a skeptic when you first came but the results with this horse say everything! As you know Socrates is like a new horse after just one session with you. He went from being so uncomfortable on the ground that he didn't even want human contact to now being interested in people and wanting attention while he is being groomed and tacked up. He is a completely different horse under saddle as well. He went from doing everything in his power to evade the rider including bucking, rearing, and trying to bolt to now happily walking and trotting around the arena actually using his hind end and trying to carry himself! I am very interested to get out to the barn and ride him today after his second session with you yesterday and see how much more he has improved! Thank you again and your gift with horses is amazing!
Heather Jackson Merrell
So, have just finished my second session with Robert Roffman a certified equine massage specialist and once again was impressed by how relaxed and receptive the horses are to him as he works on them. 'Bob" is always enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of knowledge and is interested only in the horses well being. The horses respond with an amazing amount of releases and a much more comfortable body and genuinely seem quite disappointed when the session ends! Bob has also been punctual and very easy to get hold of - something that is often lacking on this business.

So between my wonderful chiropractor Stephanie Simonson and the massage specialties of Bob I feel my horses are in the best hands possible!
Janet Nager
Veterinary Technician, Aiken, S.C.
What happens to me on the massage table? I begin to unwind, to feel strong, soft hands of the massage therapist working my muscles, finding pressure points. My body gets heavier and sinks into the table. Aches and pains melt away. My eyes are heavier, sometimes I see colors, my breathing is deep and slow - total relaxation. My mind is waking up, there is clarity as my body relaxes. My heart opens. I feel blessed to be alive, to be open to all of God's treasures. Through massage, my body is refreshed, energized and calm.

This is part of what I believe Robert Roffman gives to both of my horses. When he comes to our barn, he gives them a chance to feel totally relaxed, calm and safe. Robert almost immediately is in tune with my horses and works so gently and calmly with them. He works with their muscles, joints and pressure points through massage, touch and his energy. He finds what is causing them pain and stiffness and relieves them of this. Their eyes grow heavy with relaxation and sometimes it is challenging for them to stay standing. There are many chews and yawns - they seem to be smiling. When Robert moves away from my horse, he will follow Robert as if to say, "Please don't stop." Robert has an amazing sensitivity to my horses. His touch, his knowledge, his energy can change a horse that is nervous, anxious, stiff, maybe in pain to a horse that is relaxed, flexible and happy. When I ride the next day, the difference is profound. I have a calm, focused and relaxed horse.

Just as I am a calmer, happier more focused person after my massage, my horses are more flexible, calmer and happier after Robert Roffman visits our barn. We look forward to his visit monthly.
Terry Johnson
Hopeland Farm Aiken, S.C.
Thank you so much for meeting with me at the Winter Equestrian Festival here in beautiful Wellington, Florida, the horse show capital of the world! What better place to find a well trained dedicated and knowledgeable equine bodyworker. I really appreciate you being kind enough to take an hour out of your busy schedule (after just meeting me) to come and take a look at my hard working athletic horse at the end of her six week long hunter/jumper show schedule and do a little bit of your magic on her.

You are top notch! An hour session with you and all of my horses soreness and aches and pains are gone! Just like that! I thank you, and my horse thanks you! You are truly a master of your craft and I would highly recommend anyone reading this to pick up the phone and give Bob a call. Your horse will love you for it!
Laura A Pheasant
I had the great pleasure of watching you work today down here at Wellington in Florida. After about the 4th horse you partnered with doing your performance massage work, I was stunned when you told me that you had only recently become certified in the Masterson Method a few years back with Jim Masterson of Masterson Method™ Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork™. You have the kind of easy manor and rapport with horses that takes decades to attain and your mastery of the Masterson Method is a site to behold. These equine clients of Bill Stanton's that we are being given the opportunity to work with are world class equine athletes. You have helped them immensely! You have an amazing touch, a deep understanding of the Masterson Method and a remarkable ability to deliver on your company promise to 'help horses to perform at thier maximum potential in order to run faster, jump higher and execute technically difficult maneuvers.' Thanks for letting me come hang out with you!
Becky Tenges
MMCP, Trainer & Coach
I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and one is my 3yo Oldenburg gelding Siggy. He has been such a joy to us this year, however in the past few months he has had some problems with bending to the left. Robert Roffman came out two weeks ago and worked on Siggy and left him so relaxed and stretched out it was amazing; then Dr. Susan Chandler came out 4 days later and performed chiropractic techniques on him, and between the two he is unbelievable! The transformation in this baby horse is truly awesome! I have never seen him move with such fluidity! I was very much a skeptic as I entered into this foray, and can't begin to express my delight and amazement at the results they have accomplished in one session. The road could have been so much harder for our poor boy if we had not explored all the possibilities and rather just pushed forward with training. Thank you so much Bob and Susan...I can't begin what a blessing you have been to our horse and our family! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!
Alison Edgerly
My personal experience with my horse, Chevy, and his bodywork sessions with Robert Roffman has been SO educational and successful! Watching him work on Chevy and the reactions Chevy had to the "release" of tight muscles in various areas of his body was amazing. With each session, there were less and less areas of concern. Not knowing exactly what was causing his bending issues, I had hoped that Bob would either find the problem or at least give me an idea of what he was dealing with. Not only did he find the problem areas causing discomfort but he was able to give him the relief he needed. Riding him now is so much more fluid, with more energy and enthusiasm for his job. He loves to jump and do dressage, but now he can use his entire body as it is meant to be used. And he loves it! Thank you Bob for becoming Chevys new best friend!!
Terri Henkle
Robert worked on my newly leased TB gelding “QT-Pie” three times within the past 2 months now and it has been a great experience! Watching Robert work on the horse and see the horse's reaction to what he does, truly was eye opening...with just some light yet consistent pressure here and there to start, slow bending and alignment / positioning of the legs & neck a certain way to get the horse to stretch a certain way, and then development of a bit deeper pressure/touch where it was needed he was able to achieve a LOT of relaxation! Especially in the third session, Pie was thoroughly “zonked out” in happy-land...which for a usually well behaved, but still a bit nervous TB was a BIG transformation! Then add to it that at the end of each session Pie’s movement/mobility along the spine got better and better, and you have both a happy horse and rider!
Christine Alter
I cannot believe the improvement my horse has shown in just 4 months of work with Bob . Dutch is very typical for his type. We call him the gumby horse because he has the ability to tie himself in knots; he is not a hard horse to bend, but it is the task of hours to try to get all those noodle-y pieces lined up one in front of the other. Dutch also has several chronic injuries and for his health we decided to take him barefoot.

I thought that we were looking at a fall and winter filled with stiff, sore stifles and hocks, feet that were too sensitive for real work, and too much energy to sit around and do nothing. I was right; until Bob came out and started working on my horse. Despite being a work in progress Bob is able to get his body working the way it should and the difference is obvious! From a mood standpoint he is beginning to really mellow out and enjoy his work again. On a performance standpoint I know that the ride after Bob works is always going to be the best ride of the month. After a session Dutch is round and soft with no area's of tension or stiffness to work out of. It's like riding a cloud.

As a competitor the proof is in the scores. My last dressage test was a lifetime best for him. The judge complemented him several times with scores in the 8's for gaits (previously 7's) and a note next to our free walk that said showed great relaxation.... We used to get 5's ( we had mastered the dressage jig, a perfect 2.5 beat walk/trot). All this after 5+ inches of rain on the show grounds, I know I owe much of this success to the break-throughs we were able to get after Bob put Dutch's body inline. If you ever need someone to speak as a reference please don't hesitate to ask.
Gina Vergata
Erika Fleury DressageI’ve had Bob Roffman working on my 6 year old Hanoverian gelding, Tanzer, with excellent results. Tanzer is very high strung with beautiful gaits. After Bob works on him he is calm and relaxed, and his gaits are even freer and more elastic. His neck is soft, so I am able to keep his attention better. His back is up and easy to sit on too. Tanzer sees Bob coming down the aisle to work on him and he seems to go into the zone. It is absolutely amazing. To watch Bob working on him is truly wonderful. Tanzer’s eyes glaze over and he seems so at peace. Bob has a gift. I have always been very skeptical of equine massage therapy, until I watched Bob and witnessed the releases he gets from the horses he works on. I highly recommend him as an Equine Therapist. He is now working on all my horses.
Erika Fleury Dressage
Tido, my 7-year-old Paso Fino Gelding, has now had 3 sessions with Bob , and is doing fantastic. The change I have seen in him is amazing. After bad trimming and shoeing, which resulted in incorrect angles, Tido started bucking under saddle at anything more then a walk. I came to realize that the farrier did a horrible job on his back feet resulting in a long toe and low heel. Tido ended up standing under himself in order to relieve pressure. After finally finding a farrier to help me correct this, I also found Bob , who was able to relieve the muscle tension he had built up. When Bob started working with Tido he had not been under saddle for almost 4 months due to soreness. We have started under saddle again and he is moving better then he ever has. He rounds out great and is gaiting like a dream. Another positive side effect is that I have taken him off of his calming supplement after only 2 sessions with Bob . Since then he hasn’t needed anymore of the calming supplement. He is so mellow now. Thanks Bob from Tido and myself!!!
Darlene Rodgers
Just to complete the backstory on my boy. He had bucked me off on an ordinary trail ride back in July. After that "wake-up call" (he NEVER does that) I realized I had been missing (or ignoring) some signs he may be uncomfortable/in some sort of pain. After weeks and weeks of trying to rehab on my own, and some chiropractic work that did not fix the issue, I finally consulted a Vet, who said, is was definitely soft tissue issue. After only two sessions with Bob I finally had my horse back. I knew it from the moment we started working in the round pen. Then out on a really great long trail ride he was able to; walk, trot, and lope in not to mention the ease of his lope circles in the arena. We have not been able to engage in this type of work since July and he was so happy, comfy, and willing. I am so happy and so relieved. Bob - THANK YOU - for giving me my Roland back!!!!
Dianna Barlow
I have had the privilege of not only watching Bob Roffman work on my horses but I have also experienced a personal massage. His professionalism and manner easily contributed to the excellent outcome for both myself and my horses. His kind and caring ability to work on horses is very apparent from start to finish. Even finicky horses "who hate men" relax when Bob comes in their stall.

Since I have been having regular massage therapy by Bob, many of my old muscle/injury issues have relaxed and some have gone away! I'm a big believer in regular massage for both my horses and myself. Even if you are not a rider, Bob has the background and knowledge to make you happy too! My horses love him...and I do too!
Ivey Sumrell
Columbus, NC
I highly recommend Bob Roffman’s equine massage work. After only 6 sessions I can see and feel the difference in my horse. His range of motion has significantly improved. He is also more relaxed and focused. Due to my horse’s sensitive nature, it was imperative that I find an equine massage therapist who could take this into consideration and whose methods were acceptable to my horse. I will continue to have Bob work with my dressage performance horses and I look forward to the long term benefits of having my horses on a routine plan!!!
Christine Roedlich, Ph.D.
Dressage Trainer and Instructor
USDF Bronze Medalist and L-Judge Graduate
The Equestrian Center at Boulder Spring Farm
Huntersville, NC
Hey Bob,

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work that you did on both of my horses during the clinic. Cuervo especially appreciated it since he has had a long recovery; physical challenges and anxiety which resulted from his accident. He seems so peaceful now. I really enjoyed watching you work, probably as much as the horses enjoyed receiving. I’m looking forward to working together with you!
Beth Collins ~ A John Lyons Horse Trainer
When Bob first started working on Sassy, my blind 30 year old rescue quarter horse, she was very nervous. She did not know what to expect from this man that was touching her all over. In addition this was her first massage. After Bob talked to her and reassured her that he was not going to hurt her, she finally calmed down. She was so relaxed that a few times she nearly fell asleep. Sassy thoroughly enjoyed her visit with Bob and kept turning her head into him as to say “don’t stop”.
Darlene Kindle
Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance
Bob has worked on my daughter's Eventing horse only twice so far. In that minimal amount of time, we've seen much better bending, working up underneath himself and working properly from behind to come onto contact. His back is no longer hollow and overall his frame is round and being held without trouble.

Harley is perky and happy and has really taken to Bob. If a horse could speak he would say, "Where's Bob? I want a massage today." Horse's are athletes too and deserve a little pampering. That'll go a long way in helping improve strength, flexibility and overall peace of mind for your equine partner....

I highly recommend Bob to anyone. Horse's are athletes too and deserve a little pampering that'll go a long way in helping improve strength, flexibility and overall peace of mind for your equine partner.
Pam Medlin

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